Which car companies have the most recalls?

The number of recalls a car company has can vary over time due to factors such as production volume, manufacturing processes, and changes in quality control. However, as of our last knowledge update in September 2021, some car manufacturers that have had a history of larger recall numbers include:

  • General Motors (GM): GM has had several high-profile recall events in the past, including the ignition switch recall in 2014 that affected millions of vehicles and was linked to multiple fatalities.
  • Ford: Ford has also had its share of recalls, particularly in areas such as safety restraints, transmission issues, and more.
  • Toyota: Toyota, known for its reputation for reliability, has had significant recall events in the past related to unintended acceleration, floor mat issues, and more.
  • Honda: Honda, like Toyota, has generally been associated with reliability, but it has had recalls related to airbags, fuel pump issues, and more.
  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (now part of Stellantis): FCA, the parent company of brands like Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Ram, has had recalls related to various issues including airbags, electrical problems, and transmission concerns.
  • Volkswagen Group: Volkswagen has faced major recalls related to emissions cheating, affecting a wide range of its diesel vehicles.

Remember that recall numbers can change over time and can vary depending on the specific model, year, and region. Additionally, manufacturers may proactively issue recalls to address potential safety issues even before accidents occur, which can be seen as a responsible approach to vehicle safety.

It’s important to stay informed about recalls, regardless of the manufacturer, by regularly checking the manufacturer’s official website, subscribing to recall alerts, and staying in touch with your local dealership. This way, you can take appropriate actions to address any safety concerns related to your vehicle.