Weldon Division of Akron Brass – Overloaded Electrical System May Cause Fire

Weldon Division of Akron Brass (Akron Brass) is recalling certain 8×16 Input-Output Node Vehicle Multiplex Systems, part number 6030-2000-00. In the event of a short circuit or wiring failure, the firmware may fail to shut off the output pin, resulting in overloaded electrical circuits.

Report Received Date 10/26/2023
NHTSA ID 23E084000
Consequence Summary Overloaded electrical circuits can overheat, increasing the risk of fire.
Corrective Action Weldon will update the firmware, free of charge. The manufacturer has not yet provided a schedule for recall notification. Owners may contact Akron Brass customer service at 1-800-228-1161.
Recall Code NR (Not Reported)
Potentially Affected 6220
Fire Risk When Parked No
Do Not Drive No
Recall Link Go to Recall (https://www.nhtsa.gov/recalls?nhtsaId=23E084000)