New Flyer of America – Liquid in Battery Packs May Cause Fire

New Flyer of America (New Flyer) is recalling certain 2021-2023 XE35, XE40, 2021-2024 XE60, and 2023-2024 XHE40 vehicles. One or more drain valves may not activate as intended, which could allow battery packs to accumulate liquid in the battery pack enclosure.

Report Received Date 01/31/2024
NHTSA ID 24V056000
Consequence Summary The accumulation of liquid inside the battery pack enclosure may lead to an electrical shorteasing the risk of a fire.
Corrective Action New Flyer will remove the rubber washer from the affected drain valves, free of charge. Owner notification letters are expected to be mailed March 15, 2024. Owners may contact New Flyer customer service at 1-204-224-6706. New Flyer's number for this recall is R24-02. This recall is in addition to NHTSA recall number 23V-083. Certain vehicles are affected by both recalls and will need to have both remedies performed.
Recall Code R24-02
Potentially Affected 337
Fire Risk When Parked No
Do Not Drive No
Recall Link Go to Recall (

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